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Products   (Concept, Rendering, Simulation, Rapid Prototyping)
3D Printing   (Printing of 3D models, Converting & Finalizing 3D Models for Printing)
3D Scanning   (Scanning of real physical objects and digitizing into 3D models)
Interior   (Concept, Rendering, Simulation, Construction)
Automotive   (Concept, Rendering, Simulation, Prototyping, Production)
eBike   (Concept, Rendering, Simulation, Prototyping, Production)
GUI   (Graphic Interface Design, Softwares, Mobile Apps, Game)
Game   (Concept, Story boarding, Production, Consoles and Mobile Devices)
Character Production   (Film, Advertisements, Story Book, Game)
Animating   (Character, Scenery, Effects, 2D, 3D, Stop motion, Sand-Motion, etc…)
Story boarding   (Fim, Advertisments, Game)
Toys   (Concept, Simulation, Rapid Prototyping)
Logo / Branding   (Concept, Designing, Printing)
Postcard   (Concept, Designing, Printing)
Poster   (Concept, Designing, Printing)
Portrait Drawing (Traditional)   (Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Oil Pastel)
Digital Portrait Painting
Digital Painting   (Concept Arts)

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