Mazeni-S City eBike


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Mazeni S is an electric city bicycle with 20″ wheel, suitable for all ages, gender. An LED power indicator meter with assist level control comes with the ebike. The battery is lithium based so it’s lighter than the common lead acid based ebike, so this means the ebike have better handling and more transportable than those heavy ebikes. The top speed can reach up to 25km/h and you have both throttle and pedelec option, this means you can still pedal like a normal bicycle or you can use throttle only or you can use power-assist mode which only activate when you start pedaling. The battery is removable so you can take it out and charge it elsewhere away from the bicycle.
Model:  Mazeni-S
Type:  City Electric Bicycle (City eBike)
Wheel Size:  20″
Battery:  Removable Lithium Battery
Top Speed:  25km/h
Weight:  15kg +/-
Assist Level:  3 Level
Cruise Mode:  Available
Mode:  S-Pedelec & Pedelec
Charger Included
Distance: 20km – 30km Per Charge