EFOLD 1816 – Foldable eBike


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EFOLD 1816

(Foldable eBike)

This electric foldable bicycle is powered by brushless motor and lithium battery, lithium batteries are light weight with strong power output. The foldable ebike is powered by a small and light but very powerful motor that can reach a max speed of 36km/h – 40+km/h. Watch the video to see it in action. The control interface is LED with 3 level of assist with cruise mode install too. Both throttle and pedelec mode which is power assist are available too. The battery is removable so you can separate it from the ebike and charge it elsewhere.

eBike Type: Foldable eBike
Wheel Size: 18/16″
Battery: Removable Lithium Battery
Top Speed: 36km/h – 40+km/h
Weight: 13kg
Assist Level: 3 Level
Cruise Mode: 6km/h
Mode: S-Pedelec & Pedelec